What stands between you and success?


No more, no less. Okay, maybe a few jealous, or power-thirsty a*holes. But most of the time, it's not them, it's you.

Whether you'll roll up your sleeves and do the work, or you'll find any kind of reasons why you can't make it happen in the end.

It's quite binary. 

Mostly, people fail because they've been carrying an emotional baggage for years they can't seem to get rid of. 

If you carry an emotional baggage around with you all the time, it’s going to be difficult to develop creativity, stamina, courage, and consistency which are key to achieve any kind of goal out of the ordinary.

If you’re emotionally unstable, you’re going to feel motivated one day, give it all, and then, as soon as someone comes along and criticize you for whatever reason, you’re going to go back to square one.

At least, it will feel that way even if it’s not the truth.

Because, whether you noticed it or not, you have overcome challenges before and have made way more progress in your life than you think. You just have forgotten about it.

And if you failed, you failed whether because you didn’t want it bad enough, or you failed because something emotional, rooted deep in yourself, came up as you were making progress and then you stopped.

Of course, you could also say you didn’t have the skill sets.

But why trying something without working on your skill sets before?

Or even stranger, trying something you know you can’t possibly make happen. Like becoming an NBA player, if you are 5 feet tall and in your forties.

Of course, I’m joking, but think about it:

Choosing something you know you're going to fail at, whether because you don't like it (very important!), or because you don't have the skill set (like a diploma that is actually necessary) yet, or because you don't have the requirement to do it (you want to become an acrobat at 60 - oh, wait... I think you could do that actually), is, indeed, a form of self-sabotage.

You’ve put yourself unconsciously in a situation where you knew you were going to fail.

It’s an absurd thing we do over and over again.

Now, don't understand me wrong. I'm not telling you you should never try things where you are not sure you're going to make it happen.

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On the contrary! 

You should stretch yourself in doing things that make you uncomfortable as often as possible and start before you're ready. What I'm telling you is that going to an important exam, unprepared, and then wining about the results, is absurd.

So, for today, I'd like you to ask yourself those questions:

  • Why looking for the path of most resistance?
  • Why doing things last minute?
  • Why choosing friends who belittle you?
  • Why listening to people who make you sick in your body?
  • Why seeking approval from people who don’t like you?

When you find yourself in a bad place, there's one ultimative question you can ask yourself:

What can I do today in order to support myself the best I can?

All the best <3

About the Author Martha Sigargök-Martin

Hi, I'm Martha, Mindset Coach and French Expat living in Germany, dedicated to help you squeeze the best out of you so that you can go for what you want.

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