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3 Essential Life Lessons I Learned Through My Peers From The Former Eastern Bloc

When I moved to Germany, I was 19 years old and couldn’t speak German. I organized myself a place as an Au-pair in a French-German family, where my job was to take care of the children during certain times of the day, and, especially, do housekeeping.Spoiler, I didn’t last long there for various reasons.But, what […]

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That Little Voice Called Anger.

Do you know what it feels like, when you’re angry out of the blue, and can’t figure out why?I know the feeling very well, although I haven’t had it with this intensity for a very long time. Approximately ten years to be precise.Besides, I’ve been all unicorn and rainbows for over 2,5 years now (since […]

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It’s Time To Stop Being Mediocre

Do you think you’re mediocre? If you do, then it’s a sign you have to work a little harder on yourself. Whether on your self-esteem or on your skills. But probably not exactly the way you think. If you’re reading those lines chances are that you have a high standard for yourself anyway. However, in both case the […]

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Shut The Noise Down

Why should you shut the noise down?As a creator, this is essential to shut the noise down around you at some point if you want to make progress in your work.It’s not about secluding yourself and never have a look at other creative work or opinions ever again, but about stopping interfering with your own […]

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How To Stop Fear From Crippling Your Creativity

Fear…Unfortunately, something the pharma industry thrives on those days (sorry if you’re working in the pharma industry).Also, among sensitive people who want to create something.Why do I want to talk about fear today?I have something to confess…Since I’ve begun with my journey to transform my life, I’ve encountered some challenges on my way. Logical, you’d […]

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