Stop Doubting Start Creating, Martha Sigargök-Martin

You're stuck with something specific right now and need to talk it through?

Or you need a more in-depth guidance to find answers?

Grappling with a specific problem for a while can prevent you from seeing other possibilities, and understanding where your current "blind spot" is. In other words, if you've been struggling for too long with something specific, you have built thinking patterns that prevent you from changing your perspective and seeking new solutions.

That needs to be disrupted, one way or the other. And it mostly does, when you take an action you'd normally never take.

A strong mindset is the backbone of your success. You might be extremely smart and knowledgeable but the problem if you're not able to make progress isn't your intelligence or your knowledge but what you believe. About yourself and what possibilities are out there for you.

Information and knowledge isn't the problem either. Especially during this awesome time of history, we have the privilege to live in, where almost everything we want to know is at the tip of our fingers.

The goal is to take action, not to collect more information.

As a coach I'll hear from your challenge for the first time and be able to guide you in the right direction so that:

  • You can find your answers
  • You take concrete actionable steps after we've talked to each other
  • You have someone who holds you accountable for taking those steps

Building a business, writing a book, or creating any type of project that needs courage and stamina requires a rock-solid mindset to be able to 

  • Start even if you're afraid
  • Holding on after the excitement of the beginning has faded away
  • Finish what you've started

Truth be told, a business ideally never ends. But you'll have to take specific steps to get to the next level. It works in cycles. So is writing a book, except that it does have a beginning, a middle, and an end. So...

  • If you're on the starting blocks or in the middle of something and feel demotivated or overwhelmed.
  • If you aren't clear about what you should do next.
  • If you know exactly what you should do, but you can't make yourself do it.

Then, I'm the right coach you should talk to.

I offer online coaching sessions (via Zoom), where we can work on your problem together.

The goal is, to push the reset button and get a fresh start so that you can feel less resistance and reach your goals with more ease.

Are you ready for change?

Can't wait to see you crush it!


Martha Sigargoek Martin



I am a semi and full professional published author – I wrote regularly for the newsletter of our parish and became the co-author of an IT textbook on SQL edited by one of Germany‘ s leading IT publishers.

Still, I suffered writer‘ s block a lot of times, and finally I stopped writing at all. Used to solving my problems by myself and, yes, being a man, I was reluctant to get help from another person.

So, I wasn’t really willing to work with Martha, but her energy and persistence won me over and helped me to get writing again.

Since then, I started a new writing project, and already got 30,000 words in the first draft.

Oliver Bartosch author („Einstieg in SQL“[„Introduction to SQL“])

Martha’s calm but determined attitude helped me uncover the root reason of resistance to start an important project and take a small but effective actionable step in just one session. Now that I got things in motion, I keep working towards my goal persistently despite still having struggles. Thank you Martha for helping me overcome this creative block and getting started in my project!

Zeynep Y.

Martha successfully helped me uncover a mindset roadblock that was standing in the way of me moving forward in my new business. She is very intuitive and could clearly see where I was holding myself back. I am eternally grateful for her help. I found that I could talk to her in confidence about everything and that she was able to get straight to the heart of my issue, even though I could not pinpoint it myself. On top of this she also gave me homework so that I can continue making progress even after our session.

Jillian Pocock Virtual Assistant at JP Virtual Assistant

This is how we can work together:

The pricing of my coaching depends on your project, where you're at right now and the result you want.

I don't offer coaching packages on purpose. I don't think we should stretch coaching to multiple sessions just for the sake of it if it's not necessary. However, we can arrange something individually for longer projects.

The session can take between 20 and 60 min, depending on the nature of your problem.

The goal is to support you in getting things done in such a way that you reach a state of "flow" as often as possible because that's how you're going to get lasting results.

Important to know: In our coaching calls, I won't tell you what to do because it's not consulting (a consultant gives advice while a coach helps you find your own answers by merely asking questions) but I'll help you map out a solution for yourself. I'll hold you accountable as well, for what you said you'd do. However, coaching only works with pro-active coachees. You can't expect results if you don't take action.

I might ask you to take part in a personality test (free) in order to understand how you thrive best. That said, it doesn't mean that I see it as something completely fixed and unchangeable but more as a compass for you.

Regarding the price, count on a range starting at $240,- + VAT per call.

Book your first session below and you'll be redirected to a calendar. Please also answer the questions and send me the coaching agreement back before we have our first session.

I also offer consulting sessions, where I can help you with a mix of advice and coaching. 

Having a consulting session with someone who is not directly involved in your project (especially emotionally) can help you gain some necessary distance. I have a talent for finding pain points, sorting things out in the chaos and recognizing patterns that can help you. If you take the step to getting advice from me, you're still responsible for yourself and your results. I'll have a look at your work, your habits, and what you think is holding you back, and hold you accountable for taking concrete action.

However, consulting doesn't mean that I'll give you life advice or tell you to give up on your goal (your common sense is asked here). It is about helping you with the goal you've set for yourself.

I offer both, consulting and coaching, depending on your situation what you're looking for and what you feel comfortable with. 

Important to know as well:

A coach and consultant can never replace a therapist!

If you're struggling with depression or any other kind of mental health issue, there are several official organizations that can help you find a therapist that fits your needs in your home country.

I am not a business or a book coach. As an example I can help you with your mindset (fear, creative blocks, resistance, procrastination, etc.) but not tell you what concrete steps you must undertake to build your business or publish your book. 

So, shall we dive in?

1 zoom 

Coaching or

consulting session

$240,- One payment 

+ VAT where applicable

Or book a 30 min free coaching call below. 

You'll be sent to a calendar where you can select an hour and answer a couple of short questions in order for us to make the most out of your call.

The requirement is that you give me a testimonial with your picture, and your name in exchange for it. 


(Value $240,-)

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