Why should you shut the noise down?

As a creator, this is essential to shut the noise down around you at some point if you want to make progress in your work.

It's not about secluding yourself and never have a look at other creative work or opinions ever again, but about stopping interfering with your own work.

If you've ever struggled as a creator, you will have at some point stumbled upon numerous advice, found on the internet, in books or in person.

Advice is everywhere and it can be a great source to support you in your journey, but it also has its challenges...

stop listening to the wrong people

The Problem With Advice

In case you wonder, I'm not going to criticize advice in general but to highlight a few aspects that are explaining why it can have a counterproductive effect.

Despite the numerous advice you get (even when you're not asking for it) if you haven't found a solution to your problem yet, it means that advice alone is worthless.

Lots of people are desperate to find their way, their purpose, to finish that play or that book, or whatever is on their mind, and just a few seem to have a clear path in front of them.

Of course, this leads the ones who can't seem to find clarity to think something is wrong with them.

Because even if they try to apply what they hear, they can't seem to get results.


Most of the sources you'll find on the internet, in books or in person, explain you the "what" - what you should or shouldn't do - but nobody seems to be able to explain the "how".

Here are some of the reasons, no one can completely explain the "How" to you.

You're on your own

You're On Your Own

That's right.

In the end, even the most qualified coach or guru in the world can't help you if you can't help yourself and actually try something.

You can be guided on how to get faster to what you want.

You can be guided by experts on learning specifical techniques.

You can be guided by what your role models have done before.

But you're on your own.

Nobody is going to take care of you. Nobody is going to run the marathon for you.

Even if you're lucky enough to be surrounded by friends, colleagues, and family who get and support you, at the end of the day, you're on your own.

That's a little discouraging, I know. But it's also very empowering.

So, if you're on your own...

Why Not Try To Shut The Noise Down and Listen to Yourself...

Once in a while.

As I explain in a another article on creativity, it's not about being reckless and pushing every person that cares away, but about listening to what happens inside of you.

Especially when you're surrounded by people who feel the urge to give you unsolicited advice all the time.

If they don't mean well, of course, push them as far away as possible from you. Even if they're experts.

Advice with no good intention is poison.

don't be the creator, judge at the same time

So, How Can You Do This?

Do Not Be The Judge And The Creator At The Same Time

While working.

Because you're going to get stuck.

Actually, that's not totally accurate...

You can be both, but one after the other. 

I'm sure you've made it once - you know this "editing-and-writing-at-the-same-time" thing - but I doubt, that it has been efficient and/or enjoyable for you.

If you want to make progress, you have to just produce without judging first.

And if you ask yourself how...

I'm sorry to break the news, but...

Become bulletproof and free yourself from limiting beliefs as an entrepreneur.

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This Is Something You'll Have To Train

You can read all the books about creativity, psychology, and self-development in the world you want, at some point you'll have to take actions.

That means, sitting on the front of your computer, your camera, your piece of paper, or whatever the heck you want to start or finish, even if you feel like a fraud.

And then...

Stop asking others

I Actually Have a Good Old School Trick For You

You stop asking.

You stop asking for other's opinion all the time and you stop asking the "wrong ones".

You don't ask your relatives if your criminal novel is worth it if they're not interested in the genre and/or rarely read.

You don't ask your film school lecturer that has never made a dime out of his art on how to be a successful filmmaker.

You don't ask for advice on entrepreneurship from someone who thinks a corporate job is a royal path.

You don't ask someone who is terrified of change if you should make a bold move.

And finally, but very importantly, you don't ask someone who doesn't wish you well, for advice.


The Less You'll Rely On (Irrelevant) Opinions, The Better You'll Get

At doing the right thing for you.

No matter how successful and benevolent a person is, her/his path might maybe not the right path for you.

No matter how I intend to help you in this article, it might be not the right answer for you. 

Because it has to resonate with you.

Yes, you in particular, the "maybe-this-is-the-right-advice-because-it-feels-awful"- fraction.

To Summarize, This Is Why You Should Shut The Noise Down

  1. Because good advice have a limited power
  2. Because you're on your own - meaning no one is going to do the job for you.
  3. Because you can't be in the judgment zone and the creative zone at the same time.
  4. Because asking everybody around you isn't going to give you an answer. Doing will.
 asking everybody around you isn't going to give you an answer

And If You Do Choose To Listen...

Only use what truly resonates with you.

Otherwise, it's going to produce noise you don't need and pollute your self-awareness.

And ultimately, you're the one who's going to bear the consequences.

The positive and the negative ones.

So, shut the noise down or only listen to the right music.

 only listen to the right music
About the Author Martha Sigargök-Martin

Hi, I'm Martha, Mindset Coach and French Expat living in Germany, dedicated to help you squeeze the best out of you so that you can go for what you want.

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