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If you want to be seen, show yourself.

Lots of people wished they were understood and seen. Being seen doesn’t have to be automatically tied to recognition but it can.  I see two levels of being seen: being understood by your peers and being recognized for who you are and what you do.  This is particularly true when you build a business or create anything […]

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What self-love actually means and how to practice it.

Self-love is a pretty recent concept, considering the centuries of self-denials that we have been practicing in the History of humanity.I don’t know if it became popular in the 60s after the rising of material comfort and therefore, the time that was given to us, to self-reflect on what the heck we’re doing here. Indeed, […]

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How to recognize a trustworthy thought leader.

Leadership is everywhere. On the internet, at work, or libraries displays. But how to recognize trustworthy leadership? If you are on a quest to find solutions to come further, the world is full of inspiring people, rags to rich stories, and experts.You can learn something from every one of them, no matter on what part of […]

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Why I Won’t Take Any Life Lessons From Unhappy People

In the past few years, I’ve been following a lot of influencers on the internet. And I’ve come to personal conclusions and decided to filter input radically, also in the real world.I’m an independent thinker but even as one, I can still be influenced sometimes, and that’s why I’m very careful about what I let […]

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Shut The Noise Down

Why should you shut the noise down?As a creator, this is essential to shut the noise down around you at some point if you want to make progress in your work.It’s not about secluding yourself and never have a look at other creative work or opinions ever again, but about stopping interfering with your own […]

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