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Why you should never tell yourself it’s going to be hard.

Struggle. Hopeless. Impossible. Never. Fate. Hard. Grind. Difficult. Downs. Resilience. Fight. Work hard. Work relentlessly.  How do those words make you feel in your body when you hear them?  When I hear those, it makes me cringe. And I love to work. There is an ongoing trend in the world of entrepreneurship and self-development that is warning you […]

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How to succeed despite a toxic environment.

If you want to have any kind of success in life, you need to be in the proper environment. And by that, I don’t mean being born in a rich family, or having a super fancy office to get things done, although, that’s certainly nice, by environment, I mean the people you hang out with. In […]

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If you want to be seen, show yourself.

Lots of people wished they were understood and seen. Being seen doesn’t have to be automatically tied to recognition but it can.  I see two levels of being seen: being understood by your peers and being recognized for who you are and what you do.  This is particularly true when you build a business or create anything […]

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How to develop discipline and consistency.

You probably agree that if you don’t have any discipline nor consistency, you’re not going to get far in whatever you might want to achieve. I get also, that forcing yourself to do things you don’t want to do all the time, isn’t a good place to be either, especially if it’s a habit. Whether you think […]

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How to make your big dream happen.

Make your big dream happen isn’t easy but it might not be as complicated as you might think either. Big, sweet dreams, look different for everybody. Advertising suggests we should want the same, but the reality is that big dreams look different for everybody. So, it doesn’t have to be a six-pack and one million in […]

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14 reasons why you’re not getting results and what to do about it.

Not getting results can be hugely frustrating. And if you’ve ever set yourself a big goal, a goal for which you alone are responsible, and not something that has been assigned to you by someone else, you might have experienced the frustration of not getting results. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a creator of any kind, […]

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Are you running towards or away from something?

When you set yourself a goal – and even if you don’t have clear intentions – there are two things you’ll probably do: Running towards or away from something. Knowing on which side of the spectrum you are is essential to help you make the right decisions. Because decisions made out of fear or scarcity are rarely good […]

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How to make the Woo-Woo or any other belief work for you.

I have a confession to make… I’ve come out of the Woo-Woo-closet a few months ago. The thing is, I’m not sure either. I still have a healthy(?) dose of skepticism – and always had – and I’m not sure yet, if it’s true or not, or if it’s just collective imagination. But I want to believe it’s […]

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What self-love actually means and how to practice it.

Self-love is a pretty recent concept, considering the centuries of self-denials that we have been practicing in the History of humanity.I don’t know if it became popular in the 60s after the rising of material comfort and therefore, the time that was given to us, to self-reflect on what the heck we’re doing here. Indeed, […]

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How to recognize a trustworthy thought leader.

Leadership is everywhere. On the internet, at work, or libraries displays. But how to recognize trustworthy leadership? If you are on a quest to find solutions to come further, the world is full of inspiring people, rags to rich stories, and experts.You can learn something from every one of them, no matter on what part of […]

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