I'll help you become courageous and visible as a starting entrepreneur so that you build a business and life on your terms.

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You're thinking about becoming your own boss (or just started your business) but you're afraid of being visible?

You're ambitious and have big dreams but fear what others are going to think about you?

You can manage getting feedback, you're eager to learn, and you're an action taker?

Then, I think we should talk!

In my coaching program, I'll help you to stretch your comfort zone, work on your limiting beliefs, take action, and stay on course so that you reach your goals.

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About Martha

overcoming fear, becoming successful

I'm a French expat who has been living in Germany for 19 years and I have a background in History and German linguistics.

I left school at 16 and immigrated to Germany with no money, no knowledge of the language, almost no connections, and no clue. I worked to support myself, learned the language and got my high school degree on the side. I then started to study and got a Master's Degree a few years later. 

After relocating to 10 cities and almost 40 different addresses, 28 jobs and internships, 3 blogs, 1 online shop, 14 websites, 5 business ideas, and 2 business attempts, I finally followed my passion for mindset and how to overcome the odds and adapting to any situation, which is one of my special powers.

I can help you becoming courageous and confident enough to follow your dreams and take consistent action towards it.

Stop doubting and start creating.

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Martha's effect on me was incredible in such a short time. I don't know how, but she DIRECTLY recognized my needs and pain points, and gave me a super simple but very deep exercise that worked SO WELL! I took action for the decisions in my life that I've been waiting for for almost a year. I cannot thank her enough. If you're looking for a kickass coach go for her because she's simply the best and gonna change your life.

Dilan Kılıç - CEO at dilooska.com

Well, I'm a coach myself and assumed that a Kick-Start-Call with Martha would provide enough clues to be able to continue on my own. The conclusion was yes. And no. Yes, because this Kick-Start session has hit the mark in such a way that I could hardly believe it. Martha has an incredibly calm, focused way of tackling the complex, tangled matters I presented. She has the gift of being able to get a clear insight into the underlying cause. For what she identified as the possible cause of my problem was a complete surprise. Well, I knew that it existed, but until she told me I didn't realize that this was a fundamental aspect. I did the homework she instructed me to do and also my variation of it. The result has been phenomenal. Rarely have I experienced such a significant change, almost on the very same day. Therefore I decided that I definitely won‘t go on playing on my own - no matter if I am a coach or not - and so I booked a package. Which turned out to be the best idea I had had in a long time.

Cornelia Schulze - Medium and Coach

Martha successfully helped me uncover a mindset roadblock that was standing in the way of me moving forward in my new business. She is very intuitive and could clearly see where I was holding myself back. I am eternally grateful for her help. I found that I could talk to her in confidence about everything and that she was able to get straight to the heart of my issue, even though I could not pinpoint it myself. On top of this she also gave me homework so that I can continue making progress even after our session.

Jillian Pocock - Virtual Assistant at The Resourceful Badger

Martha’s calm but determined attitude helped me uncover the root reason of resistance to start an important project and take a small but effective actionable step in just one session. Now that I got things in motion, I keep working towards my goal persistently despite still having struggles. Thank you Martha for helping me overcome this creative block and getting started in my project!

Zeynep Y.

I am a semi and full professional published author – I wrote regularly for the newsletter of our parish and became the co-author of an IT textbook on SQL edited by one of Germany‘ s leading IT publishers. Still, I suffered writer‘ s block a lot of times, and finally, I stopped writing at all. Used to solving my problems by myself and, yes, being a man, I was reluctant to get help from another person. So, I wasn’t really willing to work with Martha, but her energy and persistence won me over and helped me to get writing again. Since then, I started a new writing project and already got 30,000 words in the first draft.

Oliver Bartosch - author („Einstieg in SQL“[„Introduction to SQL“])

Martha is a warm and joyful coach. If you need a new look at your business or simply need to break through some limiting thoughts, Martha is the way to go. She can help you get back into your creative flow and help you come back into your unique creative business flow.

Amira Joy Link - CEO at Soul Inspired Woman

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