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You're thinking about becoming your own boss but you're afraid it's not going to work?

You yearn for more in life but you know that you're standing in your own way sometimes?

You can manage getting feedback, you're eager to learn, and you're an action taker?

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Who is Martha and can she help me?

overcoming fear, becoming successful

Hey, I'm Martha Sigargök-Martin and I'm a mindset coach for women who want to become their own boss...

If you have something special you want to achieve and you feel "stuck" I'll help you uncover the real reason why you're not coming forward and finding the best, easiest solution for yourself. I’ll help you get yourself back on track.

My favorite thing in the world is to help you get your creative juices flowing, find your courage, express your true essence, set boundaries and take action. 

I'll be by your side to help you do things in spite of your fears, step-up your game and never give up on yourself again.

Take a comfortable seat and pour yourself a delicious cup of tea, or an Aperol Spritz, and get inspired!

“A ship in harbor is safe but that is not what ships are built for.” 

— John A. Shedd.

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